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Sunday, 12 September 2010 05:54

1/32 Scalextric TR7 Models

Things I have noticed is that some models appear to have been available in different boxes, different wheels, different colour dashboards & drivers.

What I want is a comprehensive list of all models and their variates. I'm sure that some have been altered as a lot of 'real' cars have. I will share what I have.

C130 White
C130 Red
C113 Red
C114 Yellow
C294 Blue
C309 Yellow (lights up)
C309 Yellow (lights down)
C321 Yellow (lights up)
C321 Yellow (lights down)
C322 Red (lights up)
C322 Red (lights down)
C281 Red
C282 Black
C130? Chrome


My current collection of Toys R Us C281 & C282 cars (500 or each were made):

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